About me and blog

There are many cool technical documentation, step by step guides, how to articles, and blogs in the net. No need to repeat them. But what about if you have an uncommon and strange problem when you implement the docs? Sometimes a solution is hidden in a little line in a huge discussion or there is not a solution in the internet at all! My aim is to highlight and document resolutions for uncommon problems which are hard to find in the  internet, take too much time, or are not documented at all. To save time for experts. Not only problems off course I will try to post “strange” / “uncommon” technical content too.

I would be glad to read feedbacks if you have time..

Notice: All the posts are As is. Although I always tested in real life, it is not guaranteed that configurations will work in your environment!

Refik: Working for 20 years in IT. Worked with many technologies from different vendors. Focused on messaging, unified communications, mobile devices in recent years. Currently working at an enterprise IT company.


2 Responses to About me and blog

  1. Roberto says:

    Easy and well focused on the problem without a pletora of prerequisites.
    Ciao. ROBERTO

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