SOLUTION: Cannot Move Database in Exchange 2016 DAG with Error: Database was suppressed because too many moves have happened recently

Applies to Exchange 2016

Sometimes you may need to move back and forward (activate) databases between the nodes many times in a short period of time. (For troubleshooting, testing or maintenance etc. purposes).

When you try to move back the database, after few move attempts, you get the following error and cannot move:

An Active Manager operation failed. Error: The database action failed. Error: Move for database ‘DAGDB1’ was suppressed because too many moves have happened recently. 3 moves have happened within 01:00:00. [Database: DAGDB1, Server:]

You may wait until  suppression is timed out. OR If you are sure that everything about the database, DAG and Exchange Cluster are OK then you can use the following command with SkipMoveSuppressionChecks parameter in Exchange Management shell to move (activate) the database on the Exchange DAG node:

Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase -Identity dagdb1 -SkipMoveSuppressionChecks -ActivateOnServer

and select Y

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