Lync 2010 Install-CsDatabase takes too long September update 2014

Lync 2010 Install-CsDatabase takes too long September update 2014 and some notes about update installation

Applies to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Enterprise

Some Notes:

Installing Lync Server updates is complex and difficult operation when we compare with other Microsoft products. Bad, not complete, and confusing documentation, bad terminology, very confusing update download links, manual steps etc. I think Lync Server deserves better. Below are my notes about Lync Server 2010 Update:

I installed Lync 2010 September 2014 updates on Lync 2010 Enterprise Front End servers.  ( )

Now based on it is time to run Install-CsDatabase –Update command. You only need to run it once on one of the updated  Lync 2010 Enterprise Front End servers.

  • First since Lync databases are not on default paths of our SQL server we need to specify path:

Install-CsDatabase -update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn -DatabasePaths , -Report

Be careful here, path is not the complete path of the mdf files. It is just the root folder. Install-CsDatabase command adds the full path.


Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn DatabasePaths T:\Lyncdata,K:\Lyncdata

  •  Install-CsDatabase needs to copy db files via SMB (file server) protocol from Lync FE server to SQL server. If there is a firewall between Lync FE and SQL server, you must open SMB ports from Lyncs FE to SQL Server. The command will fail with error “Cannot find specified path..”
  • The user must have sysadmin role on SQL server. And SQL SA username should be SA. (should not be renamed. You can rename SA to other name after the operation off course)
  • During Install-CsDatabase execution there was no service interruption. Users can send/receive IMs.
  • During the DbReIndex lcslog process , archive database lcslog is set to “user restricted mode”. As a result, Lync Server 2010 with the archive role cannot connect lcslog database during operation. You will see 30616 event in Lync Server Event log:

“Failed to connect to back-end database. Lync Server Archiving Service will continuously attempt to reconnect to the back-end. While this condition persists, incoming messages will not be archived and will remain in the queue.Database connection string : driver={SQL Server Native Client 10.0};Trusted_Connection=yes;AutoTranslate=no;;database=LcsLog;

Cause: Possible issues with back-end database.

Resolution: Ensure the back-end is functioning correctly.”

(in Lync 2010 archive server role cannot be installed on Lync 2010 FE server. Which is not the case in Lync 2013. In Lync 2013 each FE is Archive server by default. No need to worry about archiving role! )

and archiving stops. But don’t worry lcslog reindexing operation takes a long time. After the operation completed successfully, all messages that are sent during the operation are saved the lcslog again. (I confirmed this).  Should be queued in the MSMQ queues and saved to lcslog database after archiving service starts again. When lcslog exists from “user restriction” mode, archiving server connects automatically

  • DbReIndex on rtc operation took 20 minutes in my case
  • DbReIndex on lcslog took 4 hours. (lcslog was about 130 GB in my case)

So be patient. During the operation you see nothing in the log or on the Lync Management Shell screen. But on SQL sides you can see command, dbcc, check tables etc…

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2 Responses to Lync 2010 Install-CsDatabase takes too long September update 2014

  1. Okan Gürer says:

    Really a good article about update experience regarding the database part of update procedure. Congratulations. Keep up to post such articles 🙂 . Okan Gürer.

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