SOLUTION: Out of Office Rules does not work Exchange 2010 Outlook 2010

Applies to Exchange 2010 Outlook 2010


User can successfully set OOF. Also other users can see that she is OOF in mail tips in outlook. But OOF rules does not work.


PR_OOF_STATE Property Name of the mailbox is always true even if you disable OOF.

You can see PR_OOF_STATE Property Name value of the mailbox by using MFCMAPI.




1- Disable OOF using Outlook. PR_OOF_STATE is still true

2- Enable OOF using OWA page. Outlook still shows OOF is disabled.

3- Disable OOF using OWA page. Now PR_OOF_STATE is false

4- Enable OOF using OWA page . Outlook shows OOF is enabled

5- Send message to the user and now sender recieves the OOF message

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