Life Saver Tool: CodeTwo Active Directory Photos

Life Saver Tool: CodeTwo Active Directory Photos

This is a great free easy to use gui tool to add user photos to Active Directory. So that application like Outlook, Lync, Jabber etc. can display user photos.


– No need to deal with Exchange Shell command for adjusting photo resolution and adding to AD. The Tool does it for you

– Bulk import is available! You can match based on jpg file names to any AD attribute of users, such as email address, you can add photos for many users in a bulk way.

An Important  Recommendation:

Although the tool adjusts resolution and allows you to configure custom resolution, it does not crop the photo. It just makes it smaller. So IF you have jpg file with 120×150 pixel, you may and up with 72×96 pixel photo. But standart outlook photo resolution is 96×96. If you have  different resolution photos  in AD, Lync or other programs corp the picture. So before adding photos with the tool, make the photo resolution to 96×96 so you dont need to adjust resolution with the tool. ( There are tools in the internet that adjust photo resolution in bulk way.)



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