Some Important Notes on Cisco VCS and Lync 2010 Integration

Some Important Notes on Cisco VCS and Lync 2010 Integration:

Here is some important points that I learned during Cisco VCS and Lync 2010 Integration:

Note 1: You don’t need to order a box. WMWare version of Cisco VCS is available and downloadable from internet. (I used without a problem). Contact your Cisco Account Manager or reseller.

Note 2: Even If you have only one cluster you must create a VCS cluster. Which is very easy. See

The doc is ambiguous. It did not work without cluster in my case. I got only one VCS gateway and cluster configuration is so easy:

 “Lync gateway”: Ensure that cluster name is configuredThis should be configured whether the Cisco VCS is part of a cluster or not; this value is used with FindMe as well as clustering.”

Note 3: FindMe Feature Licence is not required. I made it work without FindMe

Note 4: Ensure VCS cluster FQDN has A record in DNS.

Note 5: You can use same VCS gateway for Lync Gateway and also EX device management VCS.

Note 6: Cisco will support H.264 SVC protocol for HD video.

As I noted in my post(  Lync 2010 client and VCS integration does not support HD video. Now Cisco announced that VCS will support H.264 SVC protocol. Which will support Lync 2013 HD video integration with Cisco devices managed by VCS. See the following blog:

“Broad B2B video collaboration and multi-vendor interoperability based on industry standards including SIP, TIP, H.323, H.264 AVC, and H.264 SVC.  We’ll be showing a WebEx Enabled TelePresence meeting that includes Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync 2013, and IBM Sametime clients alongside Video Conferencing hardware vendors such as Polycom.”

Note 7: You can use nice display names for EX devices in Lync Address Book instead of sip addresses. Also no need to add EX sip address to contact list. You can add it to Lycn address Book.

Just create contact with nice name like Deniz Ata (Video) and add sip address to it in AD. Lync Address Book process will add it to Address Book. So that Lync user can search in AB and see EX’s presence.

Create an AD contact and just add sip address to msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress attribute of the contact. And update the address book.







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