Lync Mobile 2013 for IOS and Windows 8 is released! And some tests…

Lync Mobile 2013 for IOS and Windows 8 is released! Now supports VoIP and Video over IP like Skype mobile.

Tested on Windows 8 HTC, IPad and IPhone using Lync 2013  server. Can be downloaded from Apple Store and Windows Market.

Voice Video Performance:

Voice and video performs very well over Wi-Fi. Also tested over 3G  data connection and performs very well too! I can speak without interruption with acceptable video quality.


Also conferencing is available if the conference is started by Lync Client Desktop. That is, using Lync client on PC, user adds another 2 users to the conversation who are using Lync mobile,  starts voice/video. Then mobile users immediately get the invite. By accepting the invite and users join the conference. Not like desktop client or web meeting, only active speaker is displayed on mobile device screen. Alternatively you can send meeting link to mobile users too. And when the mobile user clicks the meeting link, She/He joins the conference.

Enterprise Voice:

Also configured enterprise voice using a direct SIP trunk between Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM). Using Lync 2013 mobile device I can dial desk phone.  If desk phone calls a Lync user, mobile client 2013 and desk phone both rings. Voice quality is quite well.

What happens if the Phone screen is Locked?

In IPhone, if the screen is locked and Lync 2013 mobile is signed in, I see incoming call on the screen and hear the ring. But I need to enter pass code, (unlocked the screen) then incoming call immediately answered without any other action.

So still testing…

Important Note:

Lync Mobile 2013 requires that device must connect to External Web site  otherwise cannot sign in. I will post the running configuration in a new blog.

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2 Responses to Lync Mobile 2013 for IOS and Windows 8 is released! And some tests…

  1. vkurian77 says:

    Windows Phone 8 Lync 2013 will not sign in, though Apple and Android mobility works fine. We had been trying to login using the latest windows 8 phone but fails with “cannot connect to server” error. Checked the logs and found this “Request failed with the WININET errorCode”. We have an on-premise server and has only internal connectivity. Have used your solution for reverse proxy. Can you please help if you had come across any error as such?

    • Refik Ünver says:

      Hello vkurian77
      Many of the device problems that I dealed with caused by certificates. Make sure that Windows 8 phone trusts the certificate authority that created ssl certificate for Lync external web services URL: (published on reverse proxy). Open browser on the phone and type the Lync web services url and make sure that you don’t get any certificates warning. If the phone does not trust the ca than install root CA certs on the phone. Second, disable autodiscover on Lync mobile and enter Lync web services url manually and try. I think since other phones work, problem is related to windows 8 phone itself.

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