SOLUTION: How to Configure Dial-in Conferencing without PBX Integration (Enterpise Voice)

SOLUTION: How to Configure Dial-in Conferencing without PBX  Integration (Enterpise Voice)

Applies to Lync Server 2013/2010 Enterprise


You may want to test dial-in conferencing feature or even want to use it in production with VoIP. But currently you don’t configure PBX Integration, that is you don’t use Enterprise Voice. But you can still deploy dial-in conferencing feature by using only Voice Over IP with PCs with headphones and microphones.


In this configuration we will use

– Lync 2013 Client or dial-in conferencing web page to create meeting with dial in conference ID

– Use Lync 2013 Client dial pad to dial-in conferencing dial number (or we can dial from the Address Book  since we set sip uri for dial-in number as a result it is listed in address book)

– Join dial-in conferencing using Voice over IP with headphone and microphone of the PC

– Use DTMF Controls (*number combinations in dial pad) to manage dial-in conference

Setup and Configuration:

First usual Lync 2013 Enterprise Pool Setup (not covered all details here) that is:

Install single Lync Server 2013 Enterprise Edition server with Enterprise Voice, PSTN Conferencing, AV conferencing, and conferencing options in topology. Also install (collocate) Mediation server role in Lync Server 2013 Enterprise Edition

Create DNS A record for (dial-in conferencing web page) that actually points to IP address of  the Lync Enterprise  pool

You don’t need publish via TMG  Server at this time.  We will test dial in conferencing from internal network. Also you dont need PSTN gateway or SIP Trunk since we dont use PBX integration

You must create a region. Region is required during creation of  dial-in Access Number

1-      Using Lync Server Control Panel go to Network Configuration, Region and Create a Region.


2-      Using Lync Server Control Panel go to  Conferencing, Dial-in Access Number tab, set a number say 4010 as a dial-in number.  Internal users will dial 4010 internally. Set Line URI as tel:+4010 and SIP URI as

Note that ‘+’ sign in Line URI


3- And assign region and primary language



4-    User should be able to dial 4010 using dial pad in Lync Client.  So we must create normalization rule by editing Global Dial plan. Go to Voice Routing, Dial Plan, double-click Dial Plan, Under Associated Normalization, click new

Enter necessary fields and Pattern to match.



Now user can dial 4010 using Lync 2013 Client dial pad.

5-      Enable Enterprise Voice on users

Find user and set Telephony as Enterprise Voice. (If you set it to PctoPC only, after sign out/sign in dial pad will be disappeared from the Lync client!)

Note that ‘+’ sign in Line URI



Sign out and Sign in Lync 2013 client and click Meet Now to create a meeting and get dial-in Conference ID.  In join meeting windows select Use Lync (full audio and video experience)

From  … menu on bottom right corner select meeting entery Info


You see the meeting info like this:

Join Lync Meeting

Join by Phone

Number: 4010

Conference ID: 84572

Find a Local Number:

Now you have created meeting with dial in Conference ID: 84572.

Users dial 4010 using Lync dial pad on their PCs, listen dial in conferencing announcement and enter Conference ID and join the meeting.

Meeting organizer can close Lync 2013 client. But meeting will be available for some time. Users can join the meeting until meeting expiration period.

Creating meeting Using dial in conferencing page:

You don’t need Lync 2013 client to create meeting. Browse Enter credentials using domain\username and password. (If you are logged on the domain, integrated authentication works too.That is No need to enter user/password)

You can easily access the page using Lync Client too. (select tools then Dial-in Conferencing Settings)

You can set dial-in conferencing PIN on this page too.



Try DTMF controls it is fun!

More Information:

–  If you want to use desk phones to enter dial-in conferencing you must configure voice integration with PBX and Lync.

–  You can manage meeting entries using Lync client  from  … Select Lync Meeting Options.


–  You can customize the menu numbers in DTMF controls. See Lync 2013 documentation

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4 Responses to SOLUTION: How to Configure Dial-in Conferencing without PBX Integration (Enterpise Voice)

  1. Steve says:

    Followed instructions, when I dial number on keypad (i.e. 2222) get “Call was not completed or has ended.” message.

    • Steve says:

      Got it to work… Have to include the “+” when dialing. Not sure why, though. Any ideas?

      • Mommi says:

        Hello Steve,

        Skype/Lync uses a Standard format, it is E.164 format to Make outgoing or incoming call possible, which is International Standard and need to include + in any number which is being dialed out.

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