Life Saver Tool: Exchange ActiveSync MD

Dealing with Mobile Device emulators is a nightmare. You need to solve many problems just for testing active sync for instance. Connection problems, hang problems etc…Not easy to use…

But If you want to test EAS, you can run EAS client in your PC. It supports certificate based authentication. I used it in my test CBA tests. No need to fight with mobile device emulators!

“It is a desktop app that will let you emulate a device connecting to ActiveSync. Yes, it is similar to what, but I only focus on EAS, and I have a couple of options not present in the ActiveSync test MSFT provide. It will require you to have .Net 3.5 installed on your computer – I’ve tested it running on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, but it should work on other Windows versions too with .Net present. It will not require an installation, and you can just run the .exe file itself.”

download and more info:

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